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Procrastination, deferment, delay, or what many convey as, “I’m too busy”. It really doesn’t matter what you call it.  Completing certain tasks, especially the ones we don’t want to do, is hard. It’s not so much the task its self, it’s the getting started part that is hard. You know what I’m talking about. Of

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Remembering Names and Faces

“I’m sorry, what was your name again?” We meet so many people during the holidays that remembering their names and faces can be daunting. Some of the people you meet might prove to be a great contact for future business. You never know how one person will lead to another. Remember the six degrees of

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Use your time wisely

Do you feel like there’s not enough time in the day? That’s because it’s that time of year again. As we approach the end of the year you can probably hear your boss asking to finalize your projects, projections, heck maybe even the invitations to the holiday party. As if we didn’t have enough to

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A summary of an executive summary

I know that sometimes thumbing through executive reports can be grueling at times. So nevertheless, I have put together a quick 101 on how to create a successful executive summary. First, when creating an executive summary it is essentials to read the entire original report. But when doing so, keep in mind that you are

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Note Taking

One of the hardest tasks that I personally have is when I’m in a room with creative people that think fast and abstract. As designated “note keeper” trying to jot down tasks and stay within our planned agenda is virtually impossible. So what do I do? I adapt. First, start with what kind of meeting

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