P1 Plus: Entry Level

P1 Plus is a live assist on-boarding training program designed to take entry level sellers from “rookie to ready” in just seven weeks. Each registered seller will be taken through an intense combination of live and online training courses, conference calls, testing, and homework assignments.

  • 1-on-1 with P1 Learning Trainers
  • 40+ Online Video Courses
  • Individual Course Testing & Homework Assignments
  • Close of Program Final Project with Potential Client
Just $599 per person

Built For Today’s Learner

The courses are short, fun, and designed to help move the sales needle. In other words, less theory and more results.

Comprehensive Lessons

From prospecting new accounts to getting the renewal, we’ll take a deep dive into the sales cycle in detail.

Group Networking

Along with other sellers from across the globe, you’ll quickly find out that you’re not the only newbie.

Your Agenda’s Full

We realize that you’ve got a packed agenda. As for us… we only have one thing on our list. And that’s to build the confidence and know-how of entry-level sales employees. At the close of the program, our team of trainers will take sellers through the entire sales cycle resulting in a presentation with a real account.

Upcoming Sessions

  • January, 11th 2021
  • March, 22nd 2021
  • July, 12th 2021
  • September, 13th 2021


The P1 Plus program was a success with our new TV sales recruit in Phoenix. He’s much farther along with this training, than if we had just handed him the Yellow Pages. I did a role play with him last Friday. He utilized the PowerPoint format that he learned with the P1 Plus training and he did a great job. He’s already making appointments and going on calls. Thanks!

Ken Kwilosz, General Manager

With the P1 Plus program, a new seller begins their career with confidence. The teaching integrates with our sales philosophy seamlessly!

Bob Miller, National Sales Manager

I found P1 Plus to be the most informative, useful, and entertaining training program that I have been through in my sales experience. Not only did it help me dive deeper and learn more about my company and management team, it taught me new ways to approach when presenting and closing a potential client! Great stuff!

Kate Smykowski, Digital Account Executive

Sales department turnover is part of our business and last year thanks to the P1 Learning program we were able to get our new sellers on the street and productive faster quicker than I ever imagined.

James Conner, Station Manager

Katey and Speed were incredibly responsive to my needs as a manager and my concerns about making sure our new sales people were given a good solid foundation of training. The [P1 Plus] program was the best of both worlds with one-on-one training and online training.

Kelly Radandt, National Sales Manager

P1 Learning’s P1 Plus program is different than other sales training programs that we have used because it is not just a one day seminar or webinar and it’s over. P1 Plus is a program that is several weeks in length, with different weekly lessons utilizing a “live” coach. The student is expected to use this information in the field during that week with their clients. Each student is held accountable for that week’s assignment because there is a follow-up meeting with his/her coach where they discuss the outcome of that week’s experience. The really valuable part of this program is that the coach sends a weekly report to the manager explaining how the student is performing.

Lou Vito, President

Since I have taken the [P1 Plus] program I have gained so much confidence in my approach. My boss hired a new marketing consultant and asked me if I felt she should take P1 Learning’s P1 Plus program and I said most certainly. I also have to say I made $10,000 more this year than last year and I believe it is because of what I learned in the class. Thank you so very much!!!

Nicole Johnson, Marketing Consultant – Past Student