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Getting Time On Your Side

As an account manager, a typical day consists of the following: All staff meetings, sales meetings, promotions meetings, face to face client meetings… one on one manager meetings, client lunch meetings… and the list goes on and on and on. Look, we are all granted an equal 24 hour playing field, so why is it

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Learning Digital with a Broadcast Lens

At P1 Learning, our founders cut their teeth in the broadcast world. Early in their careers, they lived in the world of spots and dots, and organized their days surrounding drive time. And while the emergence of digital media has certainly changed the landscape of the industry, there are some commonalities between broadcast and digital

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Five Common Roadblocks to Selling Digital

As an account manager, you know your broadcast and cable product better than anyone. But the ever-increasing demand for digital can put pressure on even the top performers in any cable and broadcast organization. The principles of selling digital are the same, but honing the digital expertise can be overwhelming – and even off-putting at

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How To Send A Cold Email

I’m going to say it… prospecting sucks. The thought of picking up the phone and reaching out into the unknown just feels all wrong.  Think about it, throughout our childhood we were told not to talk to strangers. “Stranger danger”, right!?  Fast forward a few years and here we are in our career in media

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