With new generations entering the workforce, the broadcast industry asks itself, “How can we draw in the future sellers?” The truth is, it is difficult to explain the benefits of broadcast if young professionals still have questions about how it operates. 

Through P1 Learning’s P1 Futures Program, a two-week, online education program that encourages college students to consider a career in broadcast sales, P1 Learning addresses their questions. Here is what we hear most frequently:

  • How is broadcast advertising sales done and who does it?
  • How do salespeople get paid?
  • How do you get over the fear of one-on-one interaction?
  • How do you sell yourself without prior experience?
  • How does broadcast sales differ from other areas of sales?
  • When does integration to other platforms come in?
  • How do you get the sale without having a tangible product?
  • How long does it take to make a sale?

technology students group in computer lab classroomIt is great to know what young professionals are thinking, but the most important part is what we do with this information. To help draw in the future sellers, the broadcast industry needs to tailor our recruitment efforts to address these questions. That means we need to modify job descriptions to be more explanatory, address the training that will take place for someone that is new to the industry, and share our “sales success stories.” Only then can we draw in the new generation that is soon to dominate the workforce.

For more information about the P1 Futures Program, contact Nickey Buzek at nickey@p1learning.com or by phone at 888-944-9377.